Séisme au Népal

Chers amis du Népal,

Ce blog se veut une extension du site officiel de notre association Enfants népalais – parrainages scolaires (www.enps.ch)

Avec davantage de nouvelles du Népal et de nos amis népalais.

Grâce à vous tous, à l’engagement de nos correspondants au Népal, nous avons pu entreprendre quelques démarches constructives.

En témoigne cette lettre d’une de nos plus fidèles collaboratrices à Kathmandu :


Thank you for your e-mail and very sorry not to acknowledge the receipt of bank transfer. Thank you so much for sending the bank transfers whice are really helpful to support earthquake victims. Attached herewith please find a copy of the bank receipt. Also please convey our thanks to your friends who sent support. Also please send a copy to them as necessary.

We have provided zinc sheet to the women of Chitapol. Now they are making shades. We told them inform us once it is ready then we will try to visit and bring some pictures. Also in Bhaktapur, we provided zinc sheet to the weavers. You know one Sita Dulal and another one women who weaves shawls. We have also porovided zinc sheet to one government girls school in Kathmandu. They made shade but due to the financial problem they couldn’t buy zinc sheet. So we provided them zinc sheet. Also one of the school from Sankhu, where lots of houses collapsed, alsorequesting us to support for zinc sheet. So we are thinking to provide them. Hope it is ok to support schools. Here schools are recently open after earthquake but still lots of children are not attending school as the parents are scared to send school. As such, providing zinc sheet to make temporary shade will help to increase the attendance of students. We are sending you few pictures whom we provided zinc sheet. We will send you more once it is complete.

Here fortunately monsoon not yet started though sometime raining. It is predicted from next week. Here still there are shortage of zinc sheet and need to be on queue. Today also our staff visited Lapsi phedi which is about 35 kms. far from kathmandu and about 11 women who are involve in mulberry plantation and work for us lost their houses. We are also thinking to support them.

Once again sorry for being late to send updates. I hope above information will be useful to share with your friends who send bank transfer. We will send you updates.

Mohinee et Geeta (11 juin 2015)